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Post Production in the Heart of Midtown Toronto

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Professionally designed audio booth with industry standard microphones, video playback, visual talent cueing system, Pro Tools HDX recording for low latency, sit stand desk, 27" monitor for long readings, U87Ai, MKH416, C414 ULS and other excellent mic choices. Read my thoughts about recording booths here

Sound Design

An expansive 150,000 sound SFX  library along with cutting edge Soundminer V6 Pro search software and a wide array of sound design tools. Read about my sound design philosophy here

Dialogue and ADR Editing

Clarity Vx Pro, Supertone Clear, RX11 Advanced and SpectraLayer 11 Pro restoration and sound manipulation, as well as Melodyne Studio and dxRevive Pro to achieve results beyond expectations. Read about my noise reduction approach here

Surround Sound Mixing

Award winning sound engineer with three decades of film, internet, advertising and broadcast experience. Trained by the best in the business. Read about how I deal with dialogue mixing here

Location Recording

High quality, up to 192 kHz, 32 bit floating point recorder used exclusively for sound effects collection and on site interview recording. Curious about floating point recording? Read my opinion here

Audio Examples (Click a logo for web links):


Studio by Damian Kearns


 “It’s the Taj Mahal of home studios.”

Ron Maclean, Host, Hockey Night in Canada


My Vision


More than two decades in the audio business, at facilities large and small, taught me a lot about how studios make money and why they charge what they do. I could see there was a niche no one had occupied yet. What I set out to do was build something capable of doing the same kinds of work I’d done elsewhere, without the typical overhead associated with running a studio in Toronto. I started off with the gear first, then, when I realized people were really interested in my business model, a professional control room and booth were installed under my direction. After 11 years in operation, I’m really happy with the way things have worked out. All sorts of projects are brought here for a variety of reasons and everyone leaves happy. That's what really matters.

In recent years, I've taken my experiences and put them to print on, as well as working with major software developers to refine their products.  An equal opportunity employer, I've also taken my immigrant's perspective and applied it faithfully; offering training and guidance to people across all walks of life, all around the world.

For more information about my projects, clients and work history, please click the box below.

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